MYSA Awards


On The Field Awards

  • Over 28,200 boys and girls played on 1,927 football teams in 2019
  • Organized over 16,000 competitive matches in 222 leagues in 16 zones in 2019
  • Another 5,000 youth participated in non-sports and community service projects in 2019
  • Provided technical support for another 6,000 youth in projects in and outside Kenya
  • Over 20 male/female players earned football scholarships to colleges in Norway and USA
  • Coaches/referees trained by Dutch KNVB Academy and six earned UEFA B licences
  • Trained over 20% of the players, coaches and physios in the Kenyan Premier League
  • Helped develop over half the players, coaches and physios on Kenyan national teams
  • Over 50 players featured abroad on teams in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America
  • Over 130,000 alumni in Kenya and abroad plus another 36,000 from external projects

Off The Field Awards

  • A global pioneer on self-help youth sports for development and peace since 1987
  • Helped inspire hundreds of sport for development organizations/projects worldwide
  • Teams earn points in league standings for slum garbage/environmental cleanup projects
  • Trained over 6,000 youth on coaching, refereeing, physiotherapy and AIDS prevention
  • Three slum libraries and study halls run by youth trained on library management
  • Helped hundreds of child labourers to stop working and return back to school
  • Trained thousands of youth leaders and coaches on child rights and protection
  • Over 5,600 leadership awards given to help the best youth leaders stay in school
  • Organized feeding, sports and repatriation programmes for thousands of jailed kids
  • Over 100 performances by MYSA dance, drumming, drama and gymnastics groups
  • Over 25 youth trained annually in photography, video and film in the Shootback Project
  • Organized annual youth arts festivals in Mathare and featured in youth festivals in Norway
  • DIAR 2018 Diversity&Inclusion Award Runner-Up for Best Collaborative/Community Approach
  • Helped start similar youth sports projects in Botswana, Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda

Management Awards

  • Uniquely owned, organized and managed by the youth themselves since 1987
  • Elected leaders, volunteer organizers and coaches have an average age of 18 years
  • Gender balanced with half the over 100 elected zonal and Council leaders being female
  • 21 full-time plus 32 part-time staff recruited from top leadership awards winners in 2018
  • Revenue of Ksh 47.6 million (US$ 476,000) in 2018 which is audited annually since 1988

International Trophies

  • 1992 Eco-Youth Games Champions at the UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • 2006 StreetFootballWorld Champions at the FIFA World Cup in Berlin, Germany
  • 2010 FIFA Football for Hope Champions at FIFA World Cup in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • 2004-18 MYSA boys/girls teams won more East Africa Cup medals than any other club
  • 1990-18 MYSA ranked second worldwide in gold medals won at the global Norway Cup

International Awards

  • 1992 UNEP Global 500 Award for Environmental Innovation and Achievement (Rio de Janeiro)
  • 1999 Global Help for Self-Help Prize by the Strømme Foundation (Oslo)
  • 1999 MYSA/Brumunddal Project cited as model in European Year against Racism (Strasbourg)
  • 2003 Prince Claus Award for Outstanding Achievement in Culture and Development (Amsterdam)
  • 2003 MYSA nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize (Oslo)
  • 2004 World Sports Academy/Laureus Sport for Good Award (Lisbon)
  • 2004 International Fair Play Prize (Athens)
  • 2004 MYSA nominated again for the Nobel Peace Prize (Oslo)
  • 2008 Score4Africa Award for Most Innovative Environmentally Sustainable Project (London)
  • 2010 Common Ground Award for Community and Peace Building Achievements (Washington)
  • 2011 Beyond Sport Judges Award for Global Leadership in Sport (Cape Town)
  • 2015 PlaytheGame Award for Upholding Ethical Values and Integrity of Sport (Aarhus, Denmark)
Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA) Kenya, along Kangundo Road, Nairobi

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