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Government of Kenya
7th National Development Plan, 1994-96, 1993, page 243
For mobilizing resources and accelerating our transition to sustainable development, youth are our greatest untapped resource. This includes even some of our poorest youth. For example, in large urban slums uncol-lected garbage is a major environmental problem and cause of the high rates of diseases, disabilities and deaths, especially among the children. However, in 1988 in the huge Mathare slums in Nairobi the youth linked up with the city authorities to help clear garbage nearly every weekend since then ... The Government will explore the possibilities for supporting similar youth self-help sports and environmental improvement pro-grammes in other slums, communities and rural areas.
Journalist Hilary Atkins
Council of East and Central African Football Associations Bulletin, January 2003
Kids from the Mathare Valley begin life with the odds stacked against them and the road from slum boy to su-perstar is tough to say the least. But those who begin their sporting careers with MYSA have shown that the combined ingredients of competition, discipline, community service, successful role models and a desire to succeed, can produce the best in the business.
Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA) Kenya, along Kangundo Road, Nairobi

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