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The MYSA Alumni is a community of people who have participated in the MYSA program since the inception. The objective of the Alumni group is to bring together former MYSA members to be involved and engaged in giving back to MYSA and the different communities that they used to play football and participate in community services. The MYSA Alumni are heroes and role models for the younger leaders participating in the MYSA programs.


To be the model Alumni Association in Sports and Development sustaining the programs through funds generated by Alumni contribution.


To generate collaborative action and developing heroes and role models in the Informal communities of Nairobi.

For one to be a member of the MYSA Alumni group, one must

  1. Have been a MYSA member and participated or volunteered in MYSA programs for a period of 3 years.
  2. Must be above the ager of 18 years
  3. Must Respect and sign up to the MYSA On and Off code of Conduct

The Association focuses on three main pillars of:

1. Fundraising and Resource Mobilization
The Alumni group will recruit more members and taps their different professional skills for the benefit of MYSA programs. Through the funds generated by Alumni registration, the funding will be supporting the sports program, provide leadership development and educational scholarship to MYSA members, provide administrative support of MSYA activities and support the development of MYSA sustainability fund.
2. Strategic Guidance and Support
This pillar focuses on the Alumni role as role models and mentors to the youth in MYSA. The Alumni will be connected in providing support to the MYSA staff and youth in their areas of expertise. We intend to use the platform as a means where beside reconnecting with Alumni, members can also seek and support each other through mentorship and coaching.
3. Organizational Strengthening
As MYSA continues to grow and develop more leaders on and off the field, the Alumni members will strengthen the MYSA organizational structure through by recruiting some of the members to serve on the MYSA Board of trustees and other advisory committees developed to sustain the development of the organization.

If you are a MYSA Alumni and would like to share your story to be published on the website and the portal

Contact Person:
Alumni Coordinator
Box 69038 - 00622 Nairobi, Kenya
Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA) Kenya, along Kangundo Road, Nairobi

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